Wider Horizons | Short-Term Group EVS

~ Volunteer in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 ~

Wider Horizons | Short-Term Group EVS

🛠️ Practical volunteering placements for disadvantaged youth

#When 📅: 21st October – 20th December 2018 (2 months)
#Where 📍: Ommen, the Netherlands 
#Countries 🌍 : All EU countries

The Wider Horizon project is focused on gaining practical work skills while volunteering at organisations in and around Ommen, such as horse stables, pet shelters and campings.

The Wider Horizon is an innovative Group EVS program running for the 11th time this year. In four phases it brings 10 youth to live and work together for 2 months. 

Solidarity Mission Academy offers 1-2 placements for motivated Greek people between 18 – 31 years.

#Costs_Allowances 💶:
– Accommodation covered 100%
– As a volunteer of this project, you will receive pocket money in the amount of 220€ for two months, divided in weekly parts, given in cash every week.
– You will also get money for food in cash.
– For travel costs, you will receive 360€ 

#MoreInformation 🔬 :
– Infoletter: http://bit.ly/WHevs_Infoletter
– Application form: http://bit.ly/WHevs_Apply – send this application to training@solidaritymission.org and within 2 working days we will inform you if you are eligible for this project

– See what volunteers share about their experience | 
– E-mail us at training@solidaritymission.org 

#Deadline for applications ⏱: There is no deadline, still, the placements can be filled from other countries. 

This project is organized by our partners Olde Vechte Foundation and is funded by Erasmus+.

We highly appreciate when you share this information within your networks and with people who might be interested in it or belong to one of the above criteria.

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  • On October 2, 2018
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