Solidarity Mission

Solidarity Mission is a training, research and innovation centre for social economy, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Our mission & our vision

Our Mission is to contribute to the development of social and solidarity economy.

Our Vision is a world, consisting of people with awakened consciousness, intensive social interest, environmental responsibility, and ethical values, such as solidarity, justice, and freedom.. A world, where the citizens of the society share knowledge and information, they make collective decisions through participatory leadership processes, plan and implement sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems, fairly exchange local products and services; thus, encouraging the local development. Also, they create conditions for sustainable development and acquire the model of social and solidarity economy, which is based on the principle of social value maximization.

Our name

Our name consists of the words “solidarity”, because solidarity is the fundamental value which characterizes the developed relationships among social and solidarity economy actors, and “mission”, as each social entrepreneur is dedicated to resolve a social or an environmental problem. Βy fulfilling the solidarity mission that each of us carries, all together we contribute to build a solidarity world!

We build a Solidarity World


Our objectives

We are committed to empower those who try to make the world a better place through social entrepreneurship and to support them in the creation of sustainable social enterprises with high-level social impact.

We plan and implement innovative training programs, coaching, and mentoring, aimed at increasing knowledge, cultivating personal skills, as well as participants’ personal development.

We organize networking events which bring together people, who are willing to change the world, exchange ideas and jointly design sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems.

We cooperate with social enterprises, non-profit organizations, socially responsible businesses, and public organizations to develop support centers for socially vulnerable groups and to support local solidarity networks.

We implement communication campaigns aimed at encouraging citizens to participate in democratic processes and in civic life.

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