Solidarity Mission

Solidarity Mission is an innovation center for sustainability and social economy, seated in Athens, Greece. Our mission is to empower and support social entrepreneurs to fulfil their social and environmental goals.

Our Vision is a world, consisting of people with awakened consciousness, intensive social interest, environmental responsibility and ethical values, such as solidarity, justice, and freedom in social and economic system, which is based on the principle of social value maximization.

Why Solidarity Mission?

Our name consists of the words solidarity, which is the fundamental value characterising the developed relationships among social entrepreneurs, and mission that every social entrepreneur has  as a solution to social and environmental issues. By fulfilling this mission, together we build a solidarity world!

WE build a Solidarity World


Our Objectives

  • To support the development of social enterprises.
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of social entrepreneurs.
  • To enhance the sustainable development and the responsible entrepreneurship.
  • To support inclusion of youth, unemployed people, and social vulnerable groups in the job market.
  • To share the idea of volunteerism and social solidarity.
  • To educate children and teenagers on ethics and values of social entrepreneurship and fundamentals of sustainable development.
  • To contribute to the development of national economy.
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