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The youth exchange ‘Start-up Hypothesis’ took place in the Isle of Wight, UK during the period of 7-16 May 2019. The exchange gathered 30 young people eager to change the world through social entrepreneurship from 7 countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, and Romania.

The main objectives of the project were to introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship and to learn entrepreneurial skillset by practising, playing, experimenting, and using various media forms. Another objective was learning how to find funds through fundraising activities, creating a project, marketing and communication plan.

This project was organised by our dear partners & friends at Abroadship.organd is funded by Erasmus+.

Keep reading to learn about the Greek team’s experience.

“You never know how it will end up until you make the decision and stick with it. The same is true with youth exchange programs. From the moment you make the decision to join, book your tickets, organize and finally arrive where the program takes place, all you can feel is impatience and curiosity. And in a magical way this curiosity has, if not always, positive results. And when the subject of the program has so much to offer as well as the participants, the results are even more spectacular. This program was all motivational for us. The name, the location and even the participating countries.

And that’s how it all started. Starting from different parts of Europe, all having a common destination and a common goal. Get to the Isle of Wight and for nine days to experience what appeared on our way. The name of the program was “Start-up Hypothesis,” and all we could do was suppose what we would win through it.

Using recreational educational methods, we learned a lot about entrepreneurship and start-up businesses. We first learned how to organize our thinking and how to set a goal, whether it is big and touches the boundaries of the fiction, whether it is small but at the same time realistic. Proper organization and methods were two of the main tools of our progress. One of these was to spread our ideas. To achieve this, we used methods such as “elevation speech” as well as promotional videos. But the most important thing we gained through this entertaining way of learning was the spirit of collaboration and teamwork. How to perceive and at the same time respect the needs of the team and work with them.

In the same spirit of cooperation and teamwork, we had to live in a youth hostel which eventually became our home. Young people from 7 different countries managed to get along and like a big family, to spend beautiful moments that will become a beautiful memory for everyone. Our experience of looking after ourselves first and foremost, caring for others and our home will be unforgettable and useful for the rest of our lives.

Finally, we owe an enormous thank you to the organisers of the program, to its contributors and our favourite cook. What will be engraved in the memories of all is how important it is not the party or who you share an experience with. It is important to create your own experiences, to collect your own knowledge and to learn to use it in your everyday life.”

Check the video to see how much fun the participants had.

  • Posted by Solidarity Mission
  • On May 29, 2019
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