Social Changemakers EVS (Erasmus+)

Social Changemakers was a long term EVS project that took place in Athens, Greece between 28/2/2018 to 21/9/2019 and gathered in Athens 8 volunteers coming from 5 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Czech Rep and Spain.

Project_partners:  Brno Connected Syncro – Synergy Croatia L’Arca del blues Synergy Bulgaria Xeración

‘Social Changemakers’ European Voluntary Service project was organized by Solidarity Mission and was funded by Erasmus+ of the European Union and Youth and Lifelong Learning Institute (I.NE.DI.VI.M).

 The content of this project was stemming from our vision to empower people with fewer opportunities and to contribute consequently to their personal and professional well-being.  

 ‘Social Changemakers’ aimed at young people 20-30 who had fewer opportunities to participate in learning and mobility projects. The volunteers supported the Solidarity Mission’s team in the everyday work of the organization and thus they had the chance to acquire a certain set of soft skills valuable for their future employability. 

 More specifically, volunteers engaged in activities corresponding to the six pillars of our organization. This means that the volunteers:

 1) helped in the organizational management of our organization,

 2) participated in the activities taken place in the context of incubator and accelerator programmes for the social enterprises, 

 3) took part in research activities regarding social entrepreneurship

 4) played a role in the support of the new social enterprises associated with our organization and 

 5) got involved in seminars, trainings and education sessions organised by Solidarity Mission

 6) had the chance to create their own project related to the concepts and principles they got to know during the project

 The learning methods applied in this project were methods of non-formal education experiential learning and learning by doing.

 Since the key characteristic of our organization is to support the efforts of social entrepreneurs, the participants certainly familiarized themselves with the concept and principles of social entrepreneurship. In addition to this, volunteers cultivated their intercultural understanding and they grew their appreciation for non-formal education.

 Through Social Changemakers we achieved:

 – Personal and professional growth of the participants

 – Dissemination of the principles of social entrepreneurship

 – Reinforcement of participant’s creativity and innovation

 – Enhancement of multiculturalism and non-formal education

 – Promotion of volunteering and of participation in educational and mobility projects 

 The successful implementation of our project, had as a result to equip people with fewer opportunities with valuable skills that allowed them to move forward leaving behind their disadvantageous position, had as a result also to increase the number of social enterprises within and beyond national borders, to enhance the power of multicultural collaborations and lastly to increase the use of non-formal education in as a learning tool. In the long term, these results will pay off not only to the participants but also to the communities they belong, since the community will receive the fruits deriving from socially sensitive skillful entrepreneurs who are able to work with people from other cultures and they are ready to learn and improve themselves through their everyday personal and professional experiences.

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  • On March 30, 2020
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