Raising Our Voices for Empowerment| Testimonials

🔝 ROVE (Raising Our Voices for Empowerment) was a 5 days Training Course, in which 17 youth workers, leaders, and activists from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and Turkey, got the chance to explore different tools of storytelling, social theatre, and media, and discovered new ways of how they can integrate those tools when working with young LGBT+ people.

👏 The project took place in Galicia from 16 – 22 of April 2019 and was organised by our dear partners & friends at Xeracion and funded by Erasmus+.
This project was extra special for us, as we got to cooperate with new and old partners of ours and behind the creative and training team, was also one of our own long-time members, Cathy Manousaki with the Active Rainbow platform.

Keep reading to find out what the Greek team has to say and watch the creative results made by the group.

💬Being a member of the ROVE experience has undoubtedly shaped my work with youth and social activism. Besides growing and strengthening my network, I discovered crucial tools for youth workers being in touch with LGBTQIA+ individuals. I had the opportunity to extend my knowledge of social theatre and media but also learn about story-telling methodologies.

What impressed me the most regarding the training course, was that we did not only focus on theory but also practiced it. We organized social experiments and activism in a small Spanish town. I was able to feel the local impact of our creations.

If I take one thing from ROVE, it is the realization that engaging in social activism and active citizenship, is not as hard or frightening as one firstly might imagine. I cannot wait to see all participants creating their personal projects and becoming multipliers of LGBTQIA+ equality and awareness. 💬 – Stamatis

During the Training Course, participants organized LGBT+ related street actions in Ferrol, Galicia, Spain. Those were the first street actions to be implemented in the city ever regards the topic. Here you can watch the video made by the group, showcasing their different actions, interacting with the locals: http://bit.ly/ROVE_VStreetAction

Additionally, participants in their small teams produced videos raising awareness about the LGBT+ Spectrum and of topics of their choice. You can see all the videos here: http://bit.ly/ROVE_VPlaylist

See more photos here: http://bit.ly/ROVE_Album

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  • On June 19, 2019
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