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~ 📣We are excited to share our newest project happening in Greece 🇬🇷Join us!!! 📣~

👣Outline: a journey to discover your personal map | Youth Exchange 🗺

#When 📅 : 23 Jan – 1 Feb 2019 (excluding travel days)
#Where 📍 : Nea Makri, Greece
#Countries 🌍 : 🇬🇷🇧🇬🇮🇹🇷🇴🇵🇱🇪🇸🇱🇹🇭🇺

How many times have you answered the question: Where are you from? 

Outline: a journey to discover your personal map aims to rethink and retell our personal stories connected to geographical locations, to welcome each others’ differences and see each person and issue in its uniqueness. We are used to be defined by the place where we were born and grow up. However, we often question our belonging, identity and origins, because we try to fit into concepts developed in different times under different circumstances. 

👉 In Outline, we create a space to experiment and experience, to declutter and to see what is there to keep and what is there to change. In the 10 days program, you will have the chance to exchange your experiences together with 39 more people from 8 European countries.

The project is for young people between 16 – 30 years old, who are without experience in international projects, never been abroad and it is their first time away from their family, as well as youngsters who have some experience with projects and they would like to support other people in their country groups. Group leaders can be over 18+ years old. See more criteria in the infoletter.

For participants coming from Greece, Solidarity Mission Academy offers 5 spots who are motivated members above, fitting the criteria of the project. Learn how to become a member here: http://solidaritymission.org/missioner/

– 🏠 Accommodation and food are covered 100%
– ✈️ Travel costs are covered 100% up to the maximum reimbursement 275 € (Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania), 360 € (Spain), 20 € (Greece)
– 💸 Participation fee: 50€

#MoreInformation 🔬 :
– Webpage/ Infoletter: http://bit.ly/Outline_Infoletter
– Application form: http://bit.ly/Outline_Apply
– Check if the spots are filled: http://bit.ly/SynergyGreeceCalendar
– E-mail us at: training@solidaritymission.org

#Deadline for applications ⏱: 15th of December 2018 
The project is funded thanks to Erasmus+ and the Greek Youth institution and lifelong learning.

We highly appreciate when you share this information within your networks and with people who might be interested in it.

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  • On November 15, 2018
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