One Step Ahead | Training Course

📣 ~ Νew learning opportunity in Hungary 🇭🇺~ 

One Step Ahead | Training Course 
🎨 Improvisation and Entrepreneurship 🖌️

#When 📅 : 13 – 21 October 2018 (including travel days)
#Where 📍: Holloko, Hungary
#Countries 🌍 : 🇬🇷🇭🇺🇪🇸🇹🇷🇧🇪🇧🇬🇨🇿🇭🇷🇨🇾🇮🇹🇳🇱🇵🇱

One Step Ahead is an international training course, which aims to train social and communication skills of youth workers and to empower them to use improvisational theatre as an innovative tool to increase the sense of youth entrepreneurship. During the 9 days experiential program, you will have the opportunity to learn about improvisation and entrepreneurship and the connection between them, while training your soft skills, explore taking risks, creativity, problem-solving, how to welcome mistakes and other essential skills.

Solidarity Mission Academy offers 2 spots for motivated missioners above 18 years old who are a youth worker, youth leader, trainer, mentor, member of volunteer of youth organizations, work with youngsters on local, national or/and international level. See more criteria in the infoletter. 
Learn how to become a missioner here:

#Costs 💶:
– Accommodation, food are covered 100%
– Travel costs covered 100% up to the maximum reimbursement 250€
– Participation fee on the hosting organization: 50€ 

#MoreInformation 🔬 :
– Infopack:
– Application Form:
– Check if the spots are filled:
– E-mail us at:

#Deadline for applications ⏱: 10th August 2018. 

This project is organized by our dear partners Egyesek Youth Associationand is funded by Erasmus+.

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  • On August 6, 2018
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