Game On: Developing Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs

The “Game On: Developing Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs” Ka2 long-term project has begun its journey already from February 2019, an international strategic partnership of 4 partner countries from Estonia, Greece, Spain, and Sweden.

Through the project we aim to develop innovative board game-based methods that promote entrepreneurship education and develop entrepreneurial skills of young people, through co-creating, testing and disseminating new educational board games.

Over the course of the months, we have successfully implemented the first stages of the project, with the 3 out of 4 Transnational Meetings, that took place respectively in Spain (March 2019), Estonia (July 2019) and Sweden (November 2019) and the in-between stages that took place locally in each partner country.

Photo: 3rd Transnational Meeting in Sweden, November 2019.

The 2 main results that we are working on during the project are the “Game On” manual and 4 educational board games.

The manual is holding theoretical and practical information for trainers, educators and youth workers who would like to use the educational board games in their work, providing them with practical information on educational board games, their development logic, tools for creation and examples of games that can be adapted or developed.

It will be available online in December 2019.

The 4 educational board games are specified on learning outcomes that develop entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, communication, decision-making, financial literacy, problem-solving, time management and planning. Such educational board games are innovative in themselves and will allow NGO’s to use them even with small groups of young people to still have interactive and fruitful learning events.

The board games are at this moment under the final development and testing process and they will be made public after design and printing by the end of February 2020.

Photo: 3rd Transnational Meeting, Estonia 2019

Some interesting facts about Greece and Educational Board Games

When it comes to educational board games in Greece, here it is what we have discovered from our researching time:

In Greece, board games which are directly connected to entrepreneurship, with some few exceptions, were never the case. The majority of these games are focusing on the development of some entry level skills that in today’s world are considered outdated and certainly not an asset. Another worth mentioning fact about Greece is that the educational system doesn’t support the usage of the board gaming methodology as an educational tool. The only games that are played are physical games and not board games, either at school or at university. There is no culture to strengthen the society’s perception on how to use board games as a teaching method and as a result a learning tool.  Our research didn’t show any games that would boost the entrepreneurial mindset or that would educate on the topic of social entrepreneurship.

Next Steps & How you can take part in them:

​During the coming timeframe of the project, community members and followers of Solidarity Mission’s organization will have the opportunity to take part in the different activities that we are planning again with testing, promotional and presentation events of the games.

You can already express your interest for those events here (the form is only in Greek for now):

Photo: 2nd Transnational Meeting, Estonia 2019

Site of the project:

The “Game On: Developing Educational Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs” is a long-term KA2 project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme through the Spanish National Agency INJUVE and implemented together with Shokkin Group International, Ticket2europe, Awesome People!

Representatives from Solidarity Mission to the project: Cathy Manousaki (Coordinator), Apostolos Theofanopoulos (Coordination Assistant)

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  • On November 24, 2019
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