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🔝 “Entrepreneur Lab” was a 9-days long training course that gathered together young entrepreneurs, youth workers, trainers, and volunteers from Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, and Spain to explore the topics of social entrepreneurship and sustainability.

👏 The project took place in Bulgaria from 14-23 May 2019 and was organised by our dear partners & friends at Фондация Смокиня / Smokinya Foundation and funded by Erasmus+.

Keep reading to find out what the Greek team has to say.

💬 Last month, Savvas MeletoglouEfthymia Lazaridou and I ( Sandra Kourtsounioti ), participated in a Training Course in Bulgaria about social entrepreneurship! The “Entrepreneur Lab” was more than a training course about entrepreneurship, it was a unique lifetime experience! We lived together with the other participants in a cosy hotel in the picturesque village of Ravnogor situated in Southern Bulgaria, surrounded by green fields and mountains. 💬

💬 We had the chance to develop competencies like creativity and entrepreneurship through different means of self-expression like creative recycling techniques and body movement which we have never used before. Basically, the project was about experimenting and exploring, getting inspired by others, learning and doing. The whole programme was highly experiential, intense and based on “learning by doing” approach and that’s why the point was to take action all the time! 💬

💬 The trainers gave us all the necessary “tools” to take action in our own in order to make an impact in the village of Ravnogor, without expecting instructions from any of the trainer’s team. Some of our actions were to collect the garbage from the streets, to put signs in the trees for the upcoming trail running and to clean the basketball field which was covered by plants and garbage. In our effort, the whole village of Ravnogor contributed and helped us by giving us their tools, vehicles and smiles! In the open event that we organised to present our actions and our countries, the residents seemed really satisfied and they thanked us for our effort. 💬

💬 It was a very emotional moment for all of us to see what we managed to achieve in such a short period of time, with everyone getting evolved in all of the activities and giving their 100% each and every one of us. Needless to say, some strong friendships were created during these days, making goodbye even harder. 💬

💬 We wish to see again our excellent trainers Anna Sipos and Tihomir Georgiev who prepared this amazing project for us, as well as the co-trainers team Efthymia LazaridouAtanas YonkovGeorgi Velichkov and Daniel Angelkoff who contributed to this program. All in all, we thank Фондация Смокиня / Smokinya Foundation team for giving us the opportunity to participate in this TC founded by Erasmus +, as well as Solidarity Mission Academy to choose us as the Greek delegation team. We encourage everyone to participate in this kind of training courses because it is a life changing experience and it is a chance to discover yourself. 💬

  • Posted by Solidarity Mission
  • On June 13, 2019
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